After years of decline, the former mining village of Forth decided to start fighting back in 2004 with the setup of Forth and District Initiative, our aim is to do everything possible to beautify the community in the greenest possible way.

The Initiative has raised, mostly through various grant bids, over a quarter of a million pounds for its various projects, the biggest single one being the establishment of a huge polytunnel to grow the plants to adorn the 76 hanging baskets now gracing the once stark Main Street.

The Initiative also takes on other environmental projects, ranging from collecting rainwater for the plants to using wind and solar power for light and heat on the Forth ’eco-site‘ at Hailstonegreen.

Through working in partnership with the local community, local businesses and the local Council it is hoped to go a long way to address the issues which ’people power‘ can effect.

Volunteering is a very important feature of village life and the high volume of volunteering in Forth is the reason for the success within so many village organisations and events. Clubs, groups, events, organisations and churches cater for a wide range of ages, gender, belief and need.

Forth is a village that offers something for everyone.

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